About Us

With a long history, Zibo Zichuan Xiangtelai Chemical Co., Ltd. is a fine chemical manufacturing enterprise of pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates and basic chemical raw materials such as pyridine, tert-butanol, thioacetamide, acetonitrile, thionyl chloride and glycine ethyl ester hydrochloride, etc. Relying on its geographical advantage in Zibo (a national chemical base in China), Xiangtelai actively utilizes the advantages of Xinhua Pharmaceutical, Qilu Petrochemical on technologies, products and supporting resources to make our development reach to a new level year by year.

Adhering to the concept of "continuous self-improvement, self-discipline and social commitment", Xiangtelai is committed to providing customers with fine chemicals, and dedicated to offering perfect product application solutions and services; based on the principle of "complementary advantages, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, harmony and all winners", Xiangtelai is willing to establish a long-term strategic partnership with friends from all walks of life, and jointly create a bright future for the fine chemical industry such as pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates.

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